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Leaving the Emotional Cage

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Attending a Corbin Seminar can best be described as a “life changing event” and is unlike any seminar you have ever experienced before and likely will ever experience again.

The term “seminar” doesn’t accurately describe what really takes place. This is truly a transformational event which guides attendees to a place where they can FINALLY leave the “emotional baggage” of the past behind and move forward once again.


Forgiving both ourselves and others is not a process, it is not something that someone “tries to do”.  Forgiving is a decision. And in order to make that decision, there are obstacles to overcome.


Corbin Seminars guides each person (if they choose) to take full and complete ownership of those obstacles, which is required to leave the emotional baggage behind, and become your own best friend all over again.

Common questions people ask themselves before they attend my forgiveness seminar are:


  • How do you forgive someone who is no longer alive?
  • Do you need to forgive someone when you have done nothing wrong?
  • Does forgiving require contact with the person who harmed you?
  • Is there truth to the statement “What happened to me is unforgiveable”?
  • Is forgiving a transition over time, or an action that can have both immediate and lasting results?
  • Who is the one person who we ALWAYS need to forgive without exception?
  • How can I forgive when I can never “forget” what happened?
Reasons Why We Must Forgive Others Podcast
Anger Management Self Help

“Freedom from the inside”


Rob brings his program inside of the walls of State and Federal Prisons in California, Oregon, and Arizona.


As Rob explains it “Freedom begins within each of us. What happens all around us is the external world. The internal world of our deepest emotions determines how we navigate our lives on the outside in the external world.


Prisons can control our movement, but not our emotions. Inner peace and contentment are ours for the taking wherever we are.