About Rob Corbin

Rob Corbin began conducting programs on forgiveness shortly after losing his father to suicide in June of 2008. With the tragic death of his father, Rob had a realization of a truth that he never confronted in his own life. The truth of accepting that he had been living a life filled with anger, resentment and bitterness towards his dad for the extreme discipline he experienced at the tender age of 6 years old.  The truth hit hard.  He was living in an emotional cage for 46 years – and by his own choice! This choice resulted in pain and he was never able to find peace or forgive his father until it was too late.


While the death of his father was tragic, at that moment Rob’s life took on a new purpose. Rob embraced the need and desire to learn and share with others how to forgive. To forgive both ourselves, and others is powerful and forgiving is a decision we are free to make at any time.

It takes two to hurt
But only one to forgive

Over the past 8 years, Rob has been conducting his seminar:
“Forgive – Now and Forever”.


Rob has been an honored guest speaker in Churches, Synagogues, Colleges, and Prisons. His testimonials tell the story of remarkable changes in people’s lives. With his guidance, participants are given the opportunity to make one of the most important decisions in their lives… The decision to leave their emotional prisons and move forward into a life of peace and forgiveness. His program is quite literally transformational.  It has changed the lives of countless participants – forever.

Rob personally conducts every program with passion and kindness. As Rob states in his programs – he is the tour guide and will open the path and show the way of the journey. It is a journey to a place of peace and contentment within ourselves and also to those whom we have harbored negative feelings for in our lives.  Anyone young or old can and will benefit from attending this program.


Tomorrow is a mystery but yesterday is history… Today is what counts.

Why We Must Forgive Ourselves

Rob Corbin is an Academy Member of The National Speakers Association and a member of Toastmaster’s International