Forgiving is the single biggest link to real success Here’s why

Praying To Be Rid Of Resentments

Forgiving is the single biggest link to real success Here’s why

Material value has zero influence on long term happiness. Most people work for 50 year plus without ever being able to admit that the money, and things they purchased with it had an impact to their long term happiness in life.

Nothing wrong with making lots of money!

BUT.. if your looking for peace and contentment in life, look elsewhere.

In order to be emotionally free, you must first “drain the swamp” ummmm

where have I heard before.

In this case, it’s the emotional swamp. The one that anger, resentment, bitterness, shame, and all the other “toxic” feelings live in. The emotional swamp.

Success is being happy, success is being content, success is being free from the negative feelings that for many, have been inside the swamp for years and years.

Success is how often you are able to smile, to feel worthy, wanted, and loved by many. Success is making others lives better. That’s how you will be remembered and honored on earth as well as heaven.

It starts with forgiving ourselves and others.

Forgiving is a decision not a feeling!

How long does it take to make a decision to do something?

We make decisions all day long, 24/7

Pretty easy.

When it comes to forgiving, our own ego is where the battle lies.

We fail to ever stop and think about the fact that no one can emotionally hurt us without our permission.

How long do we allow allow ourselves to be hurt? When is enough enough?

Did you give yourself  permission to be hurt for only a little while, or for the rest of your life?

When is enough, enough?

Maybe you could justify holding on just a little longer if it also hurt the other person as well.  Revenge right?

But the problem there is they are in no way hurt because you are hurt.

There’s no connection

It’s only you paying the price!!

I dont know you, but if I did, my guess is that you deserve to be happy, and content beginning now!!!!!



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