How do you forget the past especially when the pain is still there?

The Power Of Forgiveness Seminars

How do you forget the past especially when the pain is still there?

Forgetting is a bi product of having emotional closure.

We do not have the ability as human beings to erase an event from our minds… there is no cut and paste where we can edit our past, take some parts out and keep the rest in.


You can make peace with the past, and in doing so, the past will fade out of your memory.

It will always be there to remember, if we have some event that triggers it, but it will take a lot more to trigger it, and it will happen much less frequently once you have made peace with it.

So how do you make peace with it?

A good beginning is to understand that we have zero control over what other people say and do.

We have total control of how we feel as a result of what was said or done.

It’s normal to feel hate, anger, resentment, shame, remorse, regret as a reaction to what happened. We are not robots.

BUT………..It’s a choice to allow those feelings to become an umbilical cord attached to us that keep us living in an emotional cage for sometimes decades.

Our ego, our pride, our self-worth, when these things come under attack, the battle begins.

The battle takes place all inside us. It’s all within.

One way to win the battle is to keep reminding yourself of the universal indisputable FACTS that are etched into the universe.

  • We have no control over what others do and say
  • People (even those we love, and in our immediate family) will act out their own pain and emotional stuff, by giving it to others who will not fight them back. The ones who are hurting (and hurt others)….. automatically will seek out “easy targets” to release their own “stuff’ as a way to make them feel better. Easy targets are those who are the most likely to inflict the greatest pain.

 Who are those people?

They are us…. the sons, and daughters, and brothers and sisters, and aunts and uncles, and fathers and mothers.


  • Understand that happy, content, and loving people who live in this world with an abundance of peace and contentment almost always, do not say things or do things to physically or emotionally hurt others. So, look at the one who hurt you. Are they a role model in your life, or someone you know you would not want to be like?
  • The answer to that question may be the first step in letting yourself out of the emotional cage.


If this blog rang a bell with you. If it gave you something to consider, a tool that,  if used, could be a first step in getting what you deserve. (And everyone deserves to be emotionally free including you!!) Please let me know. My email address is I am the only one who reads them, and I will respond to your email. 100%


Pease and Love

Rob Corbin



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