About The Podcast

Whether you have been horribly hurt or betrayed, many of us carry the emotional baggage that comes with not being able to forgive someone else or even ourselves. Leaving the Emotional Cage is a weekly podcast that will guide you step-by-step through the journey of finding forgiveness. Finally, you can let go of feelings of anger, bitterness, or resentment so that you can truly achieve emotional freedom and lasting happiness.

Episode 1: What is Forgiveness and Why Does it Matter?


Many people live with a part of them from the past and hold onto anger, hate, bitterness,  resentment, shame, regret, fear. guilt, and much more. These feelings were never ever meant to keep forever! So the question is when is enough enough???


Episode 2: Forgiving Those in Our Immediate Family


What happens when the people we expected and trusted the most hurt us? Whether there has been a family betrayal, abandonment, or hurt, forgiveness is possible.


Episode 3: Forgiving When Someone Is No Longer Living


Sometimes reconciliation isn’t possible. When my father committed suicide, I felt an enormous amount of regret, sadness, and remorse. Eventually, I discovered that forgiving IS possible – even after someone has passed away.


Episode 4: Do You Need to Forgive In Person?


When it comes to asking for an apology, so many people fear confrontation, and the possibility of rejection. What if they respond harshly and we are hurt all over again? In this episode of Leaving the Emotional Cage, we discover if confrontation is truly necessary in order to forgive someone else, and how to prepare for the most unwanted confrontations.


Episode 5: Is There Any Action or Offense That is Unforgiveable?


Listen to this podcast to discover how you can heal yourself from the deep pain and wounds that began a long time ago…


Episode 6: Is There a Right or Wrong Time to Forgive?


When is the right time to forgive? Is there a wrong time? In this episode of Leaving the Emotional Cage, we explore the answer to these tough questions.


Episode 7: Do You Need to Love a Family Member Just Because They Are a Family Member?


This podcast puts this question on center stage. Perhaps it may guide you to inner peace.