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How To Get Over Bitterness

Get rid off an “emotional cancer”!


Each seminar is personally conducted by Rob Corbin. Rob talks the talk. He lived for 46 years in what he describes as an emotional cage, not forgiving his own father. After conducting hundreds of programs, the one commonality among almost everyone who attends his program is the continuing to hold on to what Rob describes as an “emotional cancer” that closes the door to true contentment in our lives.

End negative self-talk for good!


Negative self-talk is a silent epidemic, which can be solved quickly if you just know how says Rob. Each seminar is designed for change. Even those who think that what happened to them (or what they did or said to others) is unforgivable. Forgiving is a decision, regardless of the circumstances. Rob delivers the “HOW TO”. All you need to bring is YOURSELF!

Your Success and Transformation Guaranteed!


If at the end of this program, you do not leave with a clean emotional slate, by making an affirmation that you have completely forgiven yourself (and others) from the past, you will receive a full refund on request.

We are committed to your transformation! This program will give you what you came for! Get what you deserve, and that is emotional freedom from the past!!

The Power Of Forgiveness Seminars

Find answers, reshape your future!


The good news is that there are answers for these questions. There are opportunities awaiting each person who attends. Opportunities to make lasting and immediate changes in their lives.
Sound too good to be true? You be the judge! Join people everywhere who felt the same way, before they attended Rob’s program. What have you got to lose? Here’s the bigger question – What have you got to gain? All of us at Corbin seminars invite you to see for yourself. Yesterday is history. History does not define us. It is what we do going forward that counts and can change us from who we are, to who we deserve to be!

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July 14th 2018 | 1:00PM – 5:00PM
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540 NE Hwy 101, Lincoln City Oregon

August 21st | 1:00-5:00pm
North Tahoe Event Center:
8318 North Lake Blvd, Kings Beach CA

October 17th
Sedona Arizona.
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