Gail W. Arizona
After your program, I called my mom. She is 95 years old, and I told her I love her. She said I love you too. First time ever for both of us
R.M. Inmate, Arizona Department of Corrections
You have finally eased my pain and opened to door. I just needed to walk through. Even though I am still in prison, I feel free inside! You were the perfect “tour guide”. Such a profound experience! It’s a new day!
James G. Palm Springs, CA
I never knew how much “stuff” was there, dragging me down for so long. You showed the way….. I did the work…… it was the perfect match! This was by far the single most important breakthrough in my entire life!
Reverend Lonnie Whittington Phoenix, AZ
I thought I had done enough forgiveness work over the last 30 years. The work I did at your workshop in conjunction with my prison ministry took me to the next level.
Marilyn Newberg President Congregation Beth Emeth
For the first time in many many years, I have come to a place of peace. I have taken the time to forgive the person who needed forgiveness. That person was me.
Mary Z. Arizona
The amount of love and support in one room was amazing, and magical. You are a blessing!
Shelly Moss PHD     Rabbi, Author, Lecturer
Everyone could use a dose of your guidance. I was glad to be there!
Father R. Siedl Catholic Priest San Diego, CA
Powerful medicine for the soul! Myself included.
Stephan A., Sedona, AZ
What I witnessed on Tuesday night was pure Love in Action. There was more emotional baggage left in our building as we parted than the luggage carousel at Sky Harbor Airport on Thanksgiving weekend! You opened a door for many that did not know how to find it for themselves and revealed how to gently shine the Light on very intense personal darkness. You helped so many souls unfold their Wings and begin to fly. We’ll take it from here.
Arvel Bird, Cottonwood, AZ
Rob would you did over today's late the groundwork for years to come. You opened the doors and let us gently down the path of our own self-discovery and then her powers most of us never look at. The impact was immeasurable. I not only say this because of what I witnessed and others but also myself.
Carolyn S., Newport, OR
Today seminar was empowering stress releasing in real and real. The power is in making the decision. I’ve been to many inner child workshops but then they put the joy back into my life like this one. Thank you for bringing this to the Oregon coast!
Gail W.
Rob would you did over today's late the groundwork for years to come. You opened the doors and let us gently down the path of our own self-discovery and then her powers most of us never look at.
Becky S., Education Coordinator, Rio Salada College Surprise, AZ
Our members at Rio Salado College thoroughly enjoy Rob's classes saying they are intense and extremely transformative. One of the most sought-after classes we offer. Thank you!
Debbie F., Phoenix AZ.
The emotional cage I kept myself locked in for 60+ years collapsed and disintegrated because I decided to attend Rob Corbin's Forgiveness Workshop. Years of hurt, sadness, and bitterness were wiped away when I made the decision to forgive my mom. Rob walked me thru the process in a loving, safe environment. Today I experience total emotional freedom and peace regarding that relationship with my mom. 2 years later I attended a second Forgiveness Workshop with Rob. I still needed to learn how to forgive myself. It is harder to learn how to change ingrained habits of guilt, negative self-talk and even some self-loathing. Under Rob's leadership and personal guidance, I made a decision, a commitment to begin the process of truly and sincerely forgiving myself. Today I am accountable for my thoughts and feelings and I am emotionally and spiritually stronger and clearer every day. It feels good to be making healthy progress. Thank you, Rob, for your help.
Phyllis F. Phoenix, AZ
The seminar I attended last week was an inspiring and interesting session. Rob is very committed to showing the value of forgiveness and makes the entire process a very warm, worthwhile and meaningful experience. He brings a strong and very caring approach to the benefits of forgiveness.Thank you, Rob.
James V. Inmate, Chuckawalla Valley State Prison Blythe California
Dear Rob, I just gone done writing my dad a long overdue letterThe five hours I spent in your class yesterday gave me 40 years of freedom that was locked up.My heart is pouring out appreciation for your guidance to bring me to this place. Love you brother