The Single Biggest Roadblock to Forgiveness

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The Single Biggest Roadblock to Forgiveness

By far the single biggest roadblock to forgiveness is our own egos.

Ego is defined as that part of us that holds are worth and self-value as a person.

When people mess around or challenge our worth of self-importance we immediately go on the defensive.

When people hurt us, we always point a finger at them is the one who cause the hurt and that in most cases we allow the hurt to become a part of us.

I’ve said it before, and I want to say it again that no one can hurt us without our permission.

That doesn’t mean that were not can be hurt immediately after the offense.

But there is a decision to be made if are going to allow that to become

a permanent fixture in our hearts, or take a step back and ask ourselves hey, I am losing by allowing others to determine my feelings.

There are 2 reactions to hurt.

One is called a reflex response, and that is the initial response to the action that just happened.

The other is what I call the tattoo response, and that’s the response then becomes part of us, if we let it!

Negative feelings in no way will benefit us. But with 100% certainty they will prevent us being emotionally free.

So it’s okay to be affected by the actions of another in fact we don’t even have any decision-making over that because of the law of cause and effect.

We have no control over the “cause”, but we have total control over the “effect”

Amen on that!!! 😊

Emotional freedom means being able to wake up every morning, and being in the present, without the toxic past slipping in and preventing us from peace and contentment and happiness at all of us deserve.

On all the books of ever read on forgiveness, the one commonality the one thread that all these books have in common, is that no one is responsible for our feelings except us. We are not letting them off the hook when we forgive, and we are not letting them escape responsibility. We are letting ourselves off the hook, by not being dependent on what is happened to us, to determine how we should feel today tomorrow and every single day the rest of our lives.

Rob Corbin

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