This Thursday night.. Your time has come!

This Thursday night.. Your time has come!

Hello to everyone

Last week I traveled to California to conduct the Power Of Forgiveness program at 3 different prisons located throughout the State.
And now for the 1st time in 6 years, I will be facilitating this program by way of a teleconference this Thursday evening at 8 PM (Pacific Time)
You are invited to be part of this exciting moment and do so right in the convenience of your own home.
Details will be following towards the end of this communication.
1st I would like to share with you the following
There is a lot of truth in the saying that sometimes you must take a step backwards to move 2 steps forward.
When it comes to forgiving, this could not be truer.
For the purpose of forgiving, forgiving both ourselves and others the very very 1st step on the journey to forgiveness is by taking ownership of your deepest emotional truth.
Doing this for almost all of us falls in the same category as going to a dentist for a root canal.
It’s not something we want to do and is not something that we look forward to doing.
So instead of getting out of our comfort zone, we stay in our comfortable surroundings even though it’s not so comfortable when it comes to our emotional past.
We will do almost anything to stay in our comfort zone including, living with remorse regret shame anger resentment guilt and a bunch of other emotions.
That’s where the definition of insanity comes in.
Doing the same thing expecting different results.
The programs which I conduct, make it easier for those attending to step out of their comfort zone, because of the enormous amount of support present.
Thursday evening at 8 PM will be an opportunity to experience what real unconditional support feels like.
Thursday evening will be an opportunity to take ownership of 100% of those emotional feelings which we were never intended to live with the rest of our lives.
Thursday evening will be an opportunity to make it a revocable, nonnegotiable decision to let go of that part of you which has prevented you from getting what you deserve. And what all of us deserve is emotional freedom.
My program is based on some core fundamentals and beliefs.
One of those is the belief that when we can look back at the past when it comes to the need to forgive others and say if we had to do it over again we would’ve done it differently, and the time is come to move forward emotionally.
Regarding forgiving others
forgiving is not a feeling it is a decision.
We make decisions all the time every day in our lives.
The decisions that have been made by people who live life emotionally free from the past, are those who came to the realization that holding others responsible for their actions and their behavior is completely different than holding others responsible for your feelings.

So, here’s what’s going to happen Thursday night
I will be facilitating a video conference call via Zoom
Zoom in this an easy to use application that allows you to join others in a group video setting
Details will be provided Wednesday evening on how to login which is quite easy.
You may join is teleconference by using your mobile phone, laptop or desktop
Those who wish to join will be given an opportunity to take 100% ownership of their emotional past, which is the very 1st step.
This will be accomplished by completing a five-page questionnaire that will be uploaded to my Facebook group page Wednesday night as well.
Once the questionnaires completed, if you have completed it by answering all the questions truthfully, you have in fact taken ownership of your emotional truth.
The questionnaire should be with you during the teleconference.
The teleconference will last between 2 and 3 hours.
Yes, it’s a long time.
Yes, it may interfere with watching some of your favorite TV programs, or it may interfere with other plans that you have that evening.
Yes, it may be at a time when you normally sleep getting some rest for the next day.
So, some people will call the inconveniences, obstacles.
How about you?

Most of the people reading this, will allow the obstacles to take priority over the need to become emotionally free.
How about you?

Some more about Thursday night
for those who participate, there will be a moment in time during the teleconference where they will be able to make a nonnegotiable decision.
But this decision will be different, because it will involve choosing another person to hold you accountable for that decision.
Now it’s getting scary right?
For a few, instead of being scary it’s now exciting!
How about you?
If you are one of the few who plan on being part of this teleconference, it will require you to join my FB group “Forgiving Ourselves And Others Once And For All”
the reason for this is that this is a closed group. What is said in this group, is private and confidential only known to those who are members.
To become a member there are several questions that you will be asked to answer. One of those questions is a pledge of confidentiality, that remains in the group and not to be shared with anyone else.
For this teleconference take place there will need to be at least 10 people who are committed to be a part of this teleconference.
If you are one of them, then you need to answer the questions, I will review the answers, and make a determination based on those answers, if you are a member.
I can tell you now that if you are honest in answering these questions you will be invited to be a part of this group.
Sometime before 8 PM on Wednesday night, I will post the details on how to join the teleconference as well as having the questionnaire uploaded so you can print it off and complete the answers.
For those of you who have already determined that you can be part of this event, you may send me a message on this Facebook page, or if you are reading this from another format, you may email me at and simply communicate I’m in.
Two words is all I need to know that you will be a part of this event.
Until Wednesday night…….. Have a good evening


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