The Man on the Train

How To Get Over Resentment

The Man on the Train

The Man on the train

A man gets on a busy subway to go to his office and begin his day. There is only one seat left. He grabs it.  Right across from him is a younger man with two kids who are being disruptive, running around, laughing loudly, and bumping into people.

It is becoming more annoying by the second, made worse by the fact that the father seems oblivious to his kid’s behavior.  He doesn’t seem to care.  As frustrations rise among the other passengers, the man seated right across from him loudly tells him,  “Don’t you see that your kids are causing a disturbance, and it’s making a lot of people on this train angry!” “Why are you not caring?”

The man looks up at him with tears in his eyes and apologizes, explaining that they just left the hospital, where his wife had just died from an auto accident, and he was grieving from his loss, and wondering how he was going to explain what happened to his young children.

The angry passengers upon hearing this began to hug the grieving father, and offering their condolences. Their feelings were forever changed about this man. Feelings of anger, became feelings of care, sympathy and compassion within seconds.

How about you? Is it possible that those in your life whom you feel angry about, may have more things going on in their lives then you are aware of?  And if you knew, what you perceived may not be reality.

Their reality may make you think and feel differently.


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